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about us

A More Fabulous YOU started by the founder, Lisa Tatum, assisting family and friends with request to help style for special events or just a simple "Does this look right?" knowing she was obssessed with anything related to fashion. Thinking of this as a fun hobby, Lisa went on to work in retail then for non-profits while pursuing a business administration degree with plans to go to law school. 

While going home from work, Lisa got into an automobile accident leaving her 3 years to recover. During this time she remember a co-worker mentioning the fashion industry as a suggestion for a career choice. Lisa used this time to reach out to the California Rehabilitation Department to assist with a career goal into becoming a Fashion Designer.  


After interning at an apparel manufacturing company Tempted Appeal, Lisa went on to worked for some of the top fashion design houses such as St. John Knits, Inc., Guess?, BCBG, Warnaco and apparel companies who designed for Saks Fifth Avenue, Kitson, Pacific Sunwear, Neiman Marcus, Intermix, Playboy, Target and many other recognized brands.


While her career was thriving the unforeseeable thing happened in 2008 - The Recession. The last company where Lisa worked closed and most of the design and merchandising jobs moved overseas to China pushing mid-level designers like herself out of work. Devastated, she did odd freelance jobs for major companies that were short lived as they lasted from a few days to a couple of weeks, until one day she replied to an ad for an assistant designer position. Answering the ad out of hoping for a new opportunity, Lisa found herself in Burbank not understanding what design firm could possibly be inside of a studio. While discussing the assistant designer position for the Designer's new clothing line, Lisa asked about the studio to which the designer answered that she is currently working on wardrobe for a tour. This conversation led to an internship in the wardrobe department for So You Think You Can Dance with Emmy award winning costume designer Soyon An. And as they say the rest is history!

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